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Any unwanted sexual advances by one person on another can qualify as a sex crime. However, there are many ways in which sex crimes are defined, which in turn affects the penalties associated with those crimes. Those crimes include:

  • Rape—Forced sexual intercourse can vary by the age of the victim, his or her physical or mental capacities and whether the victim was under age 18. Consensual intercourse is also a crime when one participant is under age 16.
  • Sodomy—Deviate sexual intercourse in Kentucky is a crime if it is forced on an unwilling person. As with rape, the penalties escalate when the victim is physically helpless, mentally incapacitated or retarded, under the age of 16 or under the age of 18 and living as a foster child in the home of the perpetrator.
  • Indecent exposure—Intentional exposure of the genitals under circumstances that would affront or alarm a person.
  • Electronic solicitation of a minor for sex or other illegal activity—The knowing use of computers and computer networks, cellular phones and other electronics to procure a minor or person posing as a minor in any type of sexual or illegal activity.
  • Voyeurism—Intentionally using the eye, a vision enhancing device, camera or other image recording device to enter the premises of another person to observe or view sexual conduct, genitals or female nipples without that person’s consent.
  • Incest—This involves sexual intercourse or deviate sexual activity with an ancestor, descendant, brother or sister, even if all participants are adults and the activity is consensual.

Other sex crimes include the possession, promotion or distribution of matter portraying sexual performance by a minor, sexual abuse in a home or workplace, and activities that involve sex and financial transactions, as it occurs in human trafficking.

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