Criminal Appeals Representing Louisville Clients in Appellate Court

When you believe the outcome of your criminal case was unfair or that legal violations or Constitutional rights violations occurred during the trial, you have the right to appeal. Time limitations exist for appealing a case, and by working with a criminal appeals attorney you can ensure filing within the deadline.

At the Campisano Law Office, Louisville appellate attorney Frank Campisano frequently handles appeals. Appeals involve a very different type of legal proceeding than the criminal justice process associated with a trial by jury.

What is an appeal?

Any defendant receiving a guilty verdict has the right to appeal. An appeal is a request for a higher court to review a case based on significant legal errors that affected the case outcome. Attorneys may also base an appeal on the fact that the weight of the evidence did not support the verdict.

When handling appeals, criminal appeals attorneys employ different skill sets than trial lawyers. Unlike a courtroom trial where the oral skills and the ability of the lawyer to relate to a jury are vitally important, with appeals the lawyer presents the case mainly through written briefs to a panel of judges. Oral arguments are sometimes possible when judges want to clarify an aspect of the appeal, but are typically very brief.

The appellate court reviewing your case receives the transcript of your criminal trial along with records of pre-trial motions and rulings preceding the trial. Your attorney also carefully analyzes the trial, looking for gross legal errors important enough to have influenced the trial outcome. Attorneys carefully select the arguments that are most effective, citing case laws and framing the arguments as part of a written brief.

Courts that hear appeals

After your first appeal, later appeals are discretionary, meaning the higher court has the discretion to decide whether or not to hear the appeal. Your appeals can go to various court levels, and your appellate attorney can explain the sequence involved with appeals. The U.S. Supreme Court is the highest appellate court and is very selective about the appeals it hears.

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