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Alien Terrorists and Other Crimes and Penalties under the PATRIOT Act

The PATRIOT Act has numerous provisions preventing alien terrorists from entering into the United States. The Act focuses particularly on Canada due to their liberal policy permitting most individuals to enter their country. The Act also permits law enforcement authorities to detain and deport alien terrorists. Individuals who support the alien terrorists may also be deported under the Act.


After several federal courts ruled that state bingo laws were regulatory laws that could not be enforced against Native American tribes, Congress began looking at legislation that would satisfy the interests of law enforcement agencies and that would help to alleviate the economic problems of the Native American tribes by raising revenue through bingo and gaming. As a result, Congress enacted the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) of 1988.

Hobbs Act Generally

The elements with respect to a violation of the Hobbs Act are as follows:
1. Obstruction or effect on interstate commerce. 2. An attempt, conspiracy or completed robbery or extortion is committed. 3. The use of actual or threatened violence or injury to an individual or property.

Obstruction of Justice

In addition, among those people who have made plans for the future, some have made plans that are legally defective. There are so-called wills that are defective because they have not been prepared according to the required formalities. There are also wills prepared according to the required formalities that are so well hidden that they cannot be found. When people try to make a will without the assistance of a lawyer, they seem bound to make a mistake. One of the strongest arguments for having a lawyer prepare your will is this: otherwise you won't know if you have made a mistake until you die.


The Federal "Three Strikes" Law was enacted as part of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994. The "Three Strikes" Law requires enhancement of sentencing for a defendant who has been convicted of two prior felonies.

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